UnaMesa Association for Community Engagement

UnaMesa has incubated many projects over the years. A few are listed below.


UnaMesa has supported the TiddlyWiki open source project since 2006. TiddlyWiki is a highly customisable wiki with some unusual characteristics that let it address important unmet needs of many communities such as schools, clinics and social service agencies. For example, it is used by Britain’s Anna Freud Centre to build a fractal manual of adolescent mental healthcare that is dynamically adapted to local circumstances.

UnaMesa holds the intellectual property rights in TiddlyWiki for the benefit of the community, ensuring that it always remains available under the present permissive license.

Find out more about TiddlyWiki at https://tiddlywiki.com

Partial project listing

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GRADES Toolkit for supporting social workers

Hesperian Health Guides – Digital platform and mobile apps

Center for Learning Analytics in San Mateo County and Educational Testbed for Digital apps

Supporting field projects associated with the Liberation Technologies and Engineering for Good courses at Stanford

Belle Haven Action

Magical Bridge Foundation