Innovation in education, health care, and other social services requires collaboration between many different organizations. UnaMesa provides the "glue" necessary to support these innovations and help them scale from small scale pilots to widely deployed systems. In particular, UnaMesa:

  • Acts as the technology partner helping a social enterprise such as the Hesperian Foundation define, design, and develop a new approach to serving their audience. In the case of the Hesperian Foundation, we are helping them create and operate a "Digital Commons" for reliable health information that can be readily adapted by and for community health workers.
  • Support the community of users and developers who build, maintain, and deploy the tools and techniques important to that community. For the TiddlyWiki community, this support including acquisition of the copyright for the core TiddlyWiki code, operation of the repositories for the software, documentation, and bug tracking, along with monitoring and answering questions on related newsgroups and other forums.
  • Operates and maintains web services that fill a critical unmet need for many social services. For example, the Shared Records service operated by UnaMesa provides a free, secure, and simple method for social service agencies to store and share client records.

In all cases, UnaMesa creates a solid foundation for individual services providers to adopt innovations and to contribute additional improvement that better serve the needs of the community. As part of this foundation, UnaMesa often acquires the copyrights and other intellectual property necessary to support these innovations and holds them in trust on behalf of the community.

If you are an organization delivering social services and have some ideas for better serving your clients, we invite you to contact the UnaMesa Assocation to discuss how we might help you put your ideas into practice.

Contact us at: support at