The UnaMesa Association is a non-profit that works with industry, academia, NGOs, and social enterprises to create technology platforms, mobile apps, and web services that support innovation in education, health care, and social services especially in low resource communities. We believe that every student, educator, patient, and caregiver should have access to the information they need when and where they need it.

Highlighted project: Closing the opportunity gap through InPlay

InPlay partners with schools to close the achievement gap by connecting disengaged, low-income children with out-of-school programs. Today more than two-thirds of children from low-income households in the US do not participate in out of school programs. Missing out on these expanded learning opportunities may be one of the most important factors leading to the achievement gap and drop-out crisis.

The InPlay web service pilot will launch in early 2015 within a pilot community providing a comprehensive list of local, age-appropriate programs where parents can quickly find and enroll in great opportunities for their children.

Highlighted project: open source Health Guides

Building upon the 30 year history of "Where There is No Doctor", the Hesperian Foundation is creating a set of open copyright digital Health Guides where individuals and community health workers can get practical, reliable information about how to care for themselves and their families in a format that they can understand and use. UnaMesa served as the technical advisor for this effort.

Highlighted Social Enterprise: Connecting families through Apps

Using Kindoma's iPad app grandparents can read and share favorite stories with young children whether they live across town or across the world. Instead of replacing family time with screen time, Kindoma's approach uses mobile technology to enhance and strengthen family connections with practices such as dialogic reading that have been shown to have a strong, positive impact on social, emotional, and cognitive learning.


Fall 2014

InPlay has an initial, internal version of the web service up and running along with negotiating an operating agreement with an initial pilot school district.

Health Guides

Summer 2014

Libraries in Colombia and South Africa have begun testing a new approach to improving community health by creating customized Health Guides in parthership with the Hesperian Foundation.


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