Who We Are

The UnaMesa Association is a public charity dedicated to improving healthcare, education, and social services through innovations in technology and tools for sharing knowledge. UnaMesa acts as an R&D organization with projects that bring together industry, academia, and NGO's to develop and distribute effective tools for social services. UnaMesa maintains the educational materials, software, and other "intellectual property" developed by these projects as a public trust. Much like organizations that acquire and preserve land on behalf of the public, UnaMesa acquires copyrights and related intellectual property and promotes the use of those materials for the public interest.

UnaMesa Facts

UnaMesa Policies

Management staff

Greg Wolff

President of the UnaMesa Association

Greg serves as an advocate for both the users and developers of IT in social services. His career has been driven by a curiosity to understand intelligence and create tools that make people, especially groups of people, smarter and better able to pursue their shared interests.

Greg's background:
  • Over 15 years in the research, design, and development of systems that support collaboration within and between workgroups
  • 1991-2009 Research scientist, group leader, and then Vice President of Ricoh Innovations (bio)
  • 2004-2005 Fellow in the Digital vision program at Stanford University
  • Degrees in Cognitive Psychology from CMU (MS) and MIT (BS, Cognitive and Brain Sciences)

Saq Imtiaz

Director of Health and Education Projects

Saq brings together technological innovation, committed educators, NGO's and other interested parties, to address the shortcomings in availability and accessibility of quality education and healthcare. He is driven by the belief that better education and healthcare is the key to alleviating suffering and improving the human condition, and that given the necessary tools and infrastructure, technology can play a significant role in this area.

Saq's background:
  • Consultant to WHO and UNICEF - 2005-2010
  • Founder and President (2003-2007) of Meridian - a private non-profit organization that runs dozens of free, high-quality boarding schools in Africa and Latin America.
  • Medical doctor by training. (MD - UoI - 2003)
  • Project manager, designer and web-developer.

UnaMesa Board

The UnaMesa board members come from a wide variety of backgrounds and share a common interest in social service innovation. Together they provide leadership and guidance. List of board members.

UnaMesa Associates

The UnaMesa project teams are comprised of gifted individuals from around the globe. List of associates.